Shopping: Auchan

Shopping: Auchan

In the category of superstore, Auchan certainly qualifies. This store is one of the most popular among expats and business professionals alike. It is located on the Kirchberg Plateau, right at the end of the business district, walking distance from the hospital and close to the auto route entrance. With so many short term expats living in and around neighboring Limpertsberg as well, it is quickly discovered that Auchan has really easy access by public transportation and extensive underground parking adding to its popularity.

If you haven’t already seen it, you’ll really appreciate the gluten free section in Auchan. It is located at the back of the store, just in front of the Bio section and next to the meats. The ever expanding variety of brands has grown tremendously over the last several years. Just the other day I discovered even more brands than on my previous visit. I think it’s terrific to have so much to choose from but the only drawback is the lack of variety within each brand.auchan

Like some of the other major stores, Auchan also carries Schär, Damhert, and Gerblé. They have the standard bread and pasta products and a few extra sweet treats. One of the more unusual products I just found are the gluten free mayonnaise and mustard. I find it interesting since I purchase a regular mayonnaise and Dijon style mustard which are naturally gluten free.auchan


Allergo is another brand you will find here and in other stores. I have never seen a very large selection of this brand, only a few things here and there but it might be just the one thing someone is looking for. The cool thing about Auchan is that they have their own, Auchan brand. You will see it on the shelves in the light blue boxes with the little red bird on it. My daughter loves the chocolate rice crispy cereal and gives it two thumbs up. Their products are a bit cheaper which is helpful for any budget.auchan

There are a few brands that are a bit more difficult to find around Luxembourg. Hammer Mühle, which is a Bio and Organic company and Ruf. Both German brands are available but with limited variety.auchan


Nature & Cie, a Bio brand, and Bauck Hof, certified with the German Celiac Society, are still more brands you’ll find. Bauck Hof is a fairly available brand around Luxembourg. They offer quite a lot for gluten free baking from scratch.auchan

Knowing where to find what I consider to be one of the more essential gluten free condiments, Tamari, is really important because it is not available everywhere and can be quite expensive. I stock up on a couple extra bottles when I pop in. The Tamari is located on the aisle with the Asian food next to the soy sauce.auchan

For friends looking for healthy snacks to take along, you’ll really love finding gluten free Nākd bars in a variety of flavors. I’m not fond of power bars or protein bars because of all the sugar, preservatives and other ingredients but when you need a quick bite and are limited by food restrictions then this is a perfect fit. Some of them even work with my nut allergies which is hard to find! They are pretty straightforward about their ingredients in plain sight on the package.auchan

The last brand I wanted to share is Nairn’s. This is especially exciting in our house because these have been a favorite discovery during our travels in the UK. We always stock up and bring some home. These are great crackers for spreads and cheeses, full of flavor and substantial enough to hold up and not crumble like so many gluten free crackers do.auchan

An advantage with Auchan is their Auchan Drive service for busy professionals, frazzled parents or anyone else who could use a little convenience and time saving in their lives. Check out the link I included to learn more about how it works and locations for pick up. Happy shopping friends!

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