Shopping: Cactus in La Belle Etoile

Shopping: Cactus in La Belle Etoile

La Belle Etoile is a rather large mall especially now with the new addition on the west end. It’s a unique blend of old and new and seems to have something for everyone. It’s pretty much a one-stop shopping experience. With Cactus as the main anchor, grocery shopping can be included in a complete shopping experience. As for parking, no problem. Not only is there parking in front but also a whole space under that as well as under the new section and even one more, a park-house in the back, west corner with an entrance nearby.

Locating the gluten free section is fairly easy once you enter Cactus. After you pass the nice people who greet you at the entrance, make a left, walk past all the cash registers and just the last register and before you arrive at the cheese counter you’ll see the gluten free section on your left. It really is not hard to miss with a sea of yellow packaging lining a majority of the shelves.GF section cactus

If I didn’t know better I would think Cactus has a vested interest in the Schär company. They offer one of the most extensive selections of Schär brand products I’ve seen around Luxembourg. This can be a good thing since they have such a wide variety of the product line to choose from.cactus

If Schär isn’t the brand for you, there are some others that you might recognize from other articles I’ve written about shopping; Bauck Hof and Céréal are two of them and available here. They have a small selection of Bauch Hof but a reasonable stock of Céréal so you are mostly likely to find what you are looking for.cactus

A brand, new to me, 3 PAULY, is also available. They have a fairly standard line of gluten free bread and pasta products. After reading more about this company, I’ve learned that they also have a portion of their gluten free products that are made with Teff for those who might opt for this. If you’re curious about Teff, check out the link. This company also carries the German Celiac Society seal.cactus

Other brands you’ll find are Cenovis for flavoring your dishes and Lubs raw food bars which might be great for take-along snacks. It’s not just specific gluten free products they offer that make this place a great shopping experience but other items that are naturally gluten free and commonly used in gluten free baking and meal preparation such as coconut flour, buckwheat flour, vanilla sugar and yeast. I also spotted gluten free Wasa crackers, a personal favorite.cactus


Just in case you are looking for more options, turn around and check out the end cap just across from the gluten free section and you’ll see a new brand that has recently arrived on the shelves, Alnavit, which is a free-from and Bio company. They have a few interesting products that I haven’t seen before like hamburger buns and family size bags of breakfast cereal.cactus

On this same shelf, as pictured above, is a gluten free beer, Neumarkter Lammsbrau. They have some terrific information about this beer on their website. Check it out by clicking their link.

There are a few more gluten free treasures I wanted to share about that are located in the Bio section located in the back, right corner of the store, between the purse/jewelry and cleaning supplies sections. On one of the end caps there are some products by GranoVita that make good dipping or flavoring sauces. The gluten free label is right on the front and easy to spot. I also saw some of those beers, mentioned above, located there since they are Bio as well as gluten free.cactus bio section overview

cactus bio

One of my favorite gluten free condiment lines is available here in the Bio section as well. The company, Lima Food, offers a few gluten free things like Tamari, Teriyaki and other flavors of Asian style sauces on the shelf just above. These are popular in my house and it seems I’m always in need of stocking up on them.cactus bio section

Well friends, I know that is a lot of little tidbits of information about Cactus but at least you can shop with confidence and a good frame of reference for what’s available and where to find it since it’s a bit spread out. Things change and companies evolve with their product lines so be certain to read all the labels and who knows, you just might find a new gluten free product to add to your own cupboard and share with the rest of us. Happy shopping friends!

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