Mama Loves You

Mama Loves You

I am really excited to share about this new place! I’ve been asked repeatedly for a reference for this specific food and never had anything worthy of sharing. Well, that’s the past and now I have some really terrific news. I hope you will be as excited as I have been to indulge in this long-awaited specialty.

So, you’re wondering what all this fuss is about, well here it is: GLUTEN FREE PIZZA! You read that correctly. It’s not just any substitute, replacement pizza. It’s the real deal! The pizza (sans gluten) is handmade, rolled out and topped with fresh ingredients and brick oven baked. It fills the entire plate and is very filling, satisfying and quite delicious.


Are you ready for more terrific news, it’s not just one or two types of pizza to choose from but 19 menu-created choices that can be ordered gluten free. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then you can customize a pizza (composez votre pizza). There are varieties of sauces, cheeses, vegetables and meats that give you a lot more options.


They do offer gluten free pasta substitution for their pasta dishes but I haven’t tried any of it since I was much more excited about the pizza. There is one little catch, you need to add €1 for each gluten free substitution (pizza or pasta) which I thought was really reasonable considering the portion you receive.

This new gem of a restaurant is called Mama Loves You. I’ve been a couple times and have found the staff to be really friendly and accommodating with my food allergies. Most of the staff speaks enough English that it’s not a problem for English speakers.


I have one more bit of really terrific news that I know some of you are really going to love. You can order for delivery within a limited delivery area around Luxembourg City (City Centre) through Foostix. If that doesn’t work then you can also choose take-away and pick it up yourself. It was explained to me that you can call in your order, use Foostix or, like myself, if you have a bit more detailed order then submit an email with your order. For those with busy schedules, when emailing, you can indicate a particular pickup time later in the day.

Take away

Mama Loves You is a short walk from Gare Central. There is a bus stop right at their building as well. Parking is a bit tricky with a tiny lot nearby but the majority is on-street parking.

They are located on the ground level, right-hand side of a light grey building. Their name is on the front windows, not the building. You must walk up the corridor in the middle of the building, just past this staircase to find their entry door on the right as seen in this picture.

entry 1

The ambiance is relaxed and cozy. The walls are decorated with little galleries of mother figures around the dining room making it feel as if mama is really there. The kitchen is behind a colored glass wall allowing guests to have a peek at the chefs in action.


Here is their contact information to plan a visit for you and your loved ones and to make further inquiries. Their complete menu is available as a pdf on their website so you can have a look ahead of time. You will find the link for delivery through Foostix there as well. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Mama Loves You
42-44 rue de Hollerich
L-1740 Luxembourg
+352 48 28 95

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