Food Scene Update in Luxembourg

Food Scene Update in Luxembourg

Hello dear gluten free and allergy free friends. It’s been a while since my last update. I’ve been keeping myself busy with school studies these past months which required more science papers than I expected as well as a bit of writing for other publications thus neglecting my own stuff a bit. With a reworked schedule and some better time management, I am back to writing and hope to bring some new and interesting information to share. I’ve continued to test new discoveries, visit new places and contact manufacturers.

So much to research and write yet so little time.

I previously shared about food allergen labeling and disclosure changes on the horizon for food products not only in Luxembourg but also throughout Europe.  The notable changes will come into effect 1 January 2017. I promise, it’s an easy read and worth reading to become familiar with what is in store for all of us so click the link above.


Armed with this knowledge, I’ve been paying extra attention to restaurants, food sellers both online and locally, and other types of food preparation services. Many seem to be making huge strides to apply the new regulations well ahead of the implementation date only a few months away. Menus are increasingly listing allergens, more restaurants are offering a separate ingredients list upon request, and some establishments are making efforts to have contamination free zones in their kitchens. I’ve also had the experience that even though gluten free, allergy free foods are offered it has been made clear that there is no guarantee about it’s ‘safety’ since they don’t have space in the kitchen to prevent cross contamination but will make a big effort to do their best. This particular situation isn’t optimal but I do appreciate the honesty and their acceptance that food allergies are serious.

dinner is served

All the major grocery markets now have a gluten free, allergy free sections. Many of them continually add new brands and new products or bring in short term promotions for seasonal items. Some stores have reworked the store’s layout to draw more attention to the Bio section which is often where all the allergy free and special diet food, like diabetic safe foods, are displayed. With more variety, competition and availability I’ve even seen some products on sale from time to time. My personal favorite is when Cora mails out their stick-on coupons to put on products of your own choice to save 10-20%. It’s these small improvements that have become so nice.

store aisle

I’m waiting for a little more feedback from some companies I’ve contacted recently so that I can share new information with you. I’m personally a bit excited about my recent research and inquiries. I have been pleasantly surprised so far. Suffice it to say, the gluten free, allergy free scene in Luxembourg is not only changing but improving constantly. I look forward to what lies ahead for all of us here in our lovely home land.

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