Baking Powder...Not GF?

Baking Powder…Not GF?

I’ve always loved to be in the kitchen cooking, baking and creating new and inventive meals and treats. While raising my kids, I spent years baking all the standard stuff like cakes, cookies and quick breads. Once going gluten free I took all the necessary precautions to keep my kitchen “clean” by sorting through cupboards and removing all the gluten culprits.

I had been baking for almost a year and was still having difficulty trying to understand why I would still get sick when I consumed my own treats…they were safe, right, my kitchen was clean…or so I thought. Well, back to the drawing board and more research. Suffice it to say, I was completely startled to learn that some baking powders contain gluten! I had no clue that this subtle little baking assistant, that continued to lurk in my kitchen, was really a master of disguise. It never occurred to me to check this one out but once I realized my error in trusting an old baking buddy, I became a quick change artist.

I’ve searched around and found 2 baking powders in Luxembourg that state gluten free on the package. One is available at Little Britain by Dr. Oetker (blue w/red lid) and the other one by Royal (all red) is available at many of the major grocery market chains. I’ve had a little difficulty finding Royal at the mini shops of the larger chains.baking powder5

I’ve found both of them to work equally well and with good results so I have no preference so I use them interchangeably. It certainly makes picking one up on my shopping trips much more convenient when I know I don’t have to go out of my way to find them. Happy gluten free baking friends.


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