A Short Visit in Utrecht

A Short Visit in Utrecht

Recently I had the opportunity to drive from Luxembourg to Utrecht, Netherlands and spend the day checking it out; I was fortunate enough to enjoy the time with my one of my daughters. The weather was warm and eventually quite sunny which made this short drop-in visit all the more wonderful.

We started our time at Centraal (train) Station which includes the enormous Hoog Catharijne shopping mall in addition to all the connecting rail lines and escalators dispersed throughout. It was full of all sorts of hustle and bustle. Several exits fed directly into the City Center providing a great place to start our short adventure.

We made a loop around the old town area taking in the sites and just enjoying the atmosphere of it all. There was outdoor café seating everywhere, a variety of street musicians and the Wednesday market in full swing. We were just ahead of the trees blooming but it was still so cozy and quaint feeling nonetheless.30ml 1

We chatted with a few, very nice people and got a recommendation to a favorite, local place called 30ml Café which is what I want to share about in this post. Their menu is in English and ordering in English was not a problem. In fact, the ladies were quite friendly and we had a little chat with them during our visit.30ml

Their menu niche is that you order all your beverages by volume like 100ml, 200ml, 300ml and so on. They offered the standard coffee and tea like most places but also had this cute idea of a “pour over” which I had not seen before. I got to choose the bean intensity and strength which for me was a Kenyan roast and on the strong side. I got a 300ml and it was perfect.  In addition to beverages, they have a daily selection of homemade baked goods including a gluten free banana cake the day we visited. The ladies said the offerings change out but always include a gluten free option. The banana cake had a bit of spice, walnuts and bits of dark chocolate. It was truly delicious!30ml 2

So, if you are ever in Utrecht I recommend 30ml Café. Their address is: Mariastraat 35, 3511 LN Utrecht, Netherlands



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