Chocolate House Goes GF!

Chocolate House Goes GF!

Yes, it is indeed true my gluten free friends; Chocolate House now offers allergy free sweet treats!

Located right in front of Luxembourg’s Grand Ducal Palace, Chocolate House has become increasingly popular with palace watchers and tourists alike and well, ok, us “local” expats too. It’s quite entertaining to watch the marching palace guards when the little kids try to mimic them or the large tour groups trying to get the “perfect” picture.choc house18

Just mentioning the name Chocolate House has become synonymous with a large selection of choco-spoons and gargantuan slices of gorgeously assembled cakes. I won’t spoil the intrigue of choco-spoons, you just have to visit and try one. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the creative and unique displays of alluring chocolate figures and truffles.choc house17

They have already had soya milk available for coffee and tea which has been great for those who need or want it. I’ve had both hot and cold coffee options with soya on various occasions and enjoyed them all. Our most recent visit was on a lovely sunny day so we sat outside and ordered cold drinks. Pictured on the left are a strawberry milkshake (not soya) and a soya iced coffee. On the right are fruit iced tea and an iced coffee.  The fruit iced tea was really tasty and one I will choose again especially as the weather warms up. These were some really refreshing beverages.choc house1choc houseAllergy free choices have been added to the menu of this very popular place. Most of the friendly staff speaks at least some English and English is on the menu as you can see in the photo. The lovely display case of cakes now includes a gluten free option and a vegetarian option (not gluten free). When choosing your cake, you need to ask which one is gluten free or vegetarian since they aren’t labeled. If you have more questions about ingredients, they are pretty knowledgeable and can let you know.choc house12

To my delight and surprise I was able to enjoy a very creamy and delicious cheese cake. It was very moist and seemed to just melt in my mouth. The crust was just enough chocolate flavor but not overwhelming the cream cheese filling. All in all it had great balance of flavors. I had intended to eat only a portion, you know, save on my caloric intake…but it was so good that it seemed to just disappear way too quickly and before I knew it I had eaten the entire slice.choc house2

The vegetarian cake was quite eye catching but since it wasn’t gluten free, I couldn’t eat it. They explained that it had a base of beets so I can imagine it would taste really good. I’d love to hear from someone who has tried it, I’m really curious.choc house10

Chocolate House has made it very obvious that they offer gluten free now. On the first floor you will see this very large, framed photo on the far wall making it almost impossible to miss. They offer breakfast options including one that is gluten free, which I haven’t yet had the chance to sample since I can only eat just so much on a visit and I’m never in town at breakfast. It’s on my to-do list one of these days and I will report back once I’ve tried it and of course with pictures.choc house9

If you are new to the area, visiting or just haven’t had a chance to visit yet then I highly recommend popping in. Due to their popularity, arrive with a bit of patience and be sure to go check all the way up stairs for available tables. Since this is a self-seating establishment, you can always ask already seated guests to join them at the larger tables if they have extra space and make some new friends which is what we always try to do.choc house15Don’t forget to choose your choco-spoon and slice of cake before finding a seat, because really, that’s what all the buzz is about. In case you need something solid before consuming your sweet treats, they do have other non-sweet stuff to order on the menu so be sure to give it a gander.choc house14

The ambiance is relaxed with cozy, rustic seating and vintage type decor. The artwork on the walls changes from time to time displaying a variety of local artists’ works.choc house6

If you are lucky enough to go on a beautiful sunny day then try the outside tables. This is a great place to meet for coffee or tea and just visit with friends.choc house8

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