Gluten Free Products: Save Money Online

Gluten Free Products: Save Money Online


Are the high prices of gluten free products crushing your grocery budget? Do you want to save money on those gluten free products? I have a great tip to share so keep reading.

If you’re new to gluten free eating or new to Luxembourg and haven’t been around yet you’ll come notice it’s fairly easy to find gluten free foods. Most stores carry standard brands like Schär, Damhert, Allergo, No Gluten, Gerblé, and Céréal to name a few. The prices seem to vary a bit from store to store but I find the overall cost seems to average out to be about the same which is still quite expensive for these specialty items. One thing I find very frustrating is when I have to go to several different stores to find the one thing like a cookie flavor, particular bread style or preferred brand because another store was either out or doesn’t offer it.

Last year, when my local store, that I had come to rely on for a few preferred gluten free items, decided to stop offering them I was really exasperated. I went all over looking for the exact replacement with no success. Out of frustration I did an extensive online search to find local places that carried these few things but still with no luck.

My search was not in vane though because I did stumble across a website, a para-pharmacy company, that offers those particular items (and more) and at substantially lower prices. The item that caught my attention most was the 5-kg bag of Damhert Gluten Free brown flour I could no longer find anywhere. I had been paying €24.99 in my local store which of course made me cringe but my family liked the product so I bought it. On this website it was listed for €17.99 so obviously it was worth looking into this a bit more. I have since seen promotions for this flour as low as €15.99. This is just one example but the savings with purchasing my gluten free products this way has greatly reduced my grocery bills.

This great new find of this website, VitaZita, works well when translated into English but isn’t exactly the most intuitive when searching for gluten free products which is a bit frustrating. Not to worry though, I do have some very encouraging information to share as you continue to read on and I’m positive you’ll this like. I did figure out how to make this work and save me time and effort. In the search box, input the brand name of the gluten free item you are looking for like Schär or Damhert  and the options available will then appear along with other similar type items. For some reason, they do not have a button that directs to this category.

A time saving feature that I really like which allows you, once you create an account, to keep a favorite’s basket, similar to a wish list. The great thing about this is that you can save all the items you’ve ordered or want to order in the future in this basket. Each time you return to place an order, you open this basket and those items are there to select from according to the quantity you desire. It’s fantastic, in less than 10 minutes I place my monthly order of gluten free products and no more running around town.

The absolute best part about this company is their very quick delivery and great customer service! The easiest way to find them is: When in Luxembourg, this will automatically transfer you to their Belgian division. Even though you will order through Belgium, this company has a warehouse up north in Troisvierges, Luxembourg which makes their delivery fee very low (€3 – €5) and with €100 you get free delivery. I find that once my order is placed I usually receive it in 1-2 days which in my opinion is very quick. The items are packaged very well with bubble wrap and arrive in good condition.

As for their customer service; I once had an error with my order so I contacted them via email, in English, the same day not knowing what to expect. To my delight and surprise they replied, in English, almost immediately with profuse apologies for the error and based on my original, detailed message made the appropriate corrections and had already submitted it to be processed and out for delivery the following day. I received the corrected order and the wrong one was picked up all at no additional charge to me. I also received a follow up email to verify that things were handled correctly and to make sure the transaction was completed to my satisfaction. Now that is great customer service!

VitaZita has made this Celiac gal very happy and so glad to recommend them to my local friends.Customer service

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