Danish Deli and the Yummy Surprise

Danish Deli and the Yummy Surprise

Some time ago while meandering around Luxembourg Ville (aka downtown, for newcomers), I happened upon Danish Deli, a most delightful surprise. I enjoy popping in whenever I can. It’s a wonderfully alluring 2-story restaurant hidden on a side street, 3 rue Beck, between the Post building and Grand Rue, next to Subway. They’re easy to find by the red chairs out front. I instantly felt comfortable and welcomed with an English greeting upon entering which melted my heart and I’m sure developed an instant love for the staff.

danish deli red chairs

They have really good coffee but then again, it’s hard to find a bad cup of Joe around here. My all-time favorite drink, especially now as the weather is turning cooler, is their hot chocolate. I’ve had some really good hot chocolate around these parts but whatever little secret lies behind the one at Danish Deli, well, I’m hooked. I could go on and on but you get the drift.

Danish Deli hot choc

The Surprise

You must be wondering what the surprise is. Ok, what I want to share about is the beautifully displayed line of specialty Danish-made, gluten free, chocolate coated liquorice (aka licorice) they sell. When I first encountered the samples at the counter, I was skeptical since I really don’t like liquorice, I mean, I actually avoid even liquorice flavored anything. I had never heard of Lakrids by Johan Bülow either. The sweet gal serving me was able to persuade me with a lovely little red ball which, at the time, was the Valentine’s Love flavor which was strawberry coated, chocolate covered liquorice.

liquorice display

I timidly accepted the sample and gave it a go, chomping right through the whole thing. I am humbled to say I was won over that day. I have never tasted anything like that in my life and was it ever delicious. I was so pleasantly startled that I bought a jar to take home. I thought maybe the novelty would wear off and that would be that.

It is with great pleasure that I am happy to report the novelty did not wear off and I have made return trips to Danish Deli for more liquorice. I have gotten brave and tried new flavors though not all of them…yet. I highly recommend for you friends to try Lakrids by Johan Bülow and especially those who also might need to be won over. All of the flavors are gluten free too.


I really love this cute comment that is made in the promotional pamphlet; “Last but not least we have added a lot of love. An airy addictive which cannot be defined, but only felt. But beware. It can be highly addictive.” Friends, I would have to agree that you heed this warning. I didn’t and now I’m addicted.

summer liquorice

There is one extra little tidbit to add about the selection of liquorice to which I hinted at above. During special times of year and some holidays they carry a unique, limited edition flavor like the one shown above Summer. I am certain I helped to deplete the Summer stock but was assured there is a new, surprise flavor coming to their shelves for the Christmas season. It was a limited edition that won me over earlier this year so they are certainly worth anticipating. No reason to get bored because there will always be something new.

Side note: For my those who have food allergies, at this point in time, they are not able to accommodate gluten free options on their food menu for service in the restaurant. I did make an inquiry about the possibility for gluten free. It was explained to me that they are looking for a qualified, authentic Danish baker who understands food allergies and speaks English. It’s been challenging to find someone to move down here from Denmark which I totally understand. It’s also been challenging to find a knowledgeable Danish baker in Luxembourg. If, through your own networks, you have any connections that fit this job description then by all means, pass this along to them.


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